Dogs are very loyal friends of humans. Every living creature in this world wants to feed on health and good food. As dogs like many meals and dogs. But every food is not so good for dog’s health as well as human’s health. It is very important to do research that what to feed dogs. There are many fruits and veggies are a good source of vitamins and minerals but every all these foods are divided into many parts. As humans foods are different and also dogs have to eat different foods. Are you like to know that which foods are good for dogs then read this post, I will tell you the most amazing and healthy foods which are safe for dogs as well as healthy for dogs.

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Salmon or fish have omega 3 and also salmon contains fatty acids that are very good for dog’s bones, skin and teeth. It is also a very good source of protein that is essential for dog’s overall health.


The dog’s most favorite and healthy food is Apple. Apple contains many minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C and also contains Vitamin A. Vitamin C and A is very beneficial for Dog’s skin and Coat.


Pumpkin is very rich in fiber and also a great source of Vitamin A.  Dogs need fiber in their meals. Pumpkin helps to maintain dog’s digestive system and also add volume to dog’s coat.


Eggs are also a great source of protein and other minerals. Eggs cure biotin deficiency in dogs. Make that don’t feed your dog on uncooked or raw eggs. It could be upset your dog’s stomach.


It is a good source of fiber and Vitamin E. it is very good for older dogs. In older dogs, oatmeal is beneficial for bones and teeth. Keep in mind, always feed your dog on cooked oatmeal without adding sugar.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a source of Vitamin B-Complex (Vitamin B6 and B12), Vitamin C as well as Fiber. It can keep your dog hydrated. It also contains manganese and beta-carotene that is good for dogs.

Green Beans

Green beans are also a great source of Manganese, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and also Fiber. It can maintain your dog’s weight because it is low calories food. Dogs like to eat frozen beans.

Flax Seed

Flax seed is a super food and a great source of fatty acids and omega 3. Flax seeds are very beneficial for dog’s coat, teeth, and bones. Add flax seeds in your dog meals to add some fiber to it.


Yogurt contains protein and calcium. Yogurt contains active bacteria, this bacteria act as probiotics in humans as well as dogs. Make sure that don’t add sugar in yogurt while give to your dog.

Pasta and Rice

Pasta and rice both are a great source of vitamins and minerals and also a great source of energy for your dog. Just avoid any species and acidic sources on pasta and rice for your dog.

Science is at the end of the day affirming what numerous dog significant others suspected: Our canines know and love our odor. Examine distributed online in the January 2015 diary Behavioral Processes by the Center for Neuropolicy at Emory University, drove by neuroscientist Gregory Berns, utilized propelled mind imaging to demonstrate dogs perceive our aroma, notwithstanding when we’re not around. Much all the more intriguing is the way the canine brains reacted contrastingly to the smell of different dogs and people versus their own human family. Things being what they are, you are the best scent for your dog.

Dog licking owner About the study

Berns has been contemplating the reasoning of canines for quite a long while. He picked up notoriety for being the principal individual to effectively prepare pooches to stay as yet amid cerebrum imaging and is creating logical strategies for figuring out whether a dog is a decent contender for military or treatment benefit. He additionally penned the entrancing “How Dogs Love Us” utilizing the most recent neuroscience to investigate how canines think and love.

His most recent examination includes canine discernment and olfaction. We’ve all accomplished the effective association between a specific scent and a feeling. Sentiment, home, workplaces and nourishments all include fragrances and incite particular emotions and recollections. Berns needed to analyze how a pooch thinks when noticing, particularly in light of the fact that quite a bit of their tactile data is gotten from scent. He told Jennifer Viegas of Discovery News, “… since pooches are quite a lot more olfactory than people, their reactions would likely be much more intense than the ones we may have.”

As indicated by the Science Direct site, where the study is posted, twelve mutts were utilized, all prepared to remain totally still while experiencing a MRI. As the pooches’ brains were examined, they were given five distinctive fragrance smells:

  • The canine’s own particular fragrance
  • An obscure canine
  • A canine that lived with them
  • An obscure human
  • A known human that lived with them

Since the wellspring of the odor wasn’t available amid the testing, the study would likewise show tactile memory in mutts. The fragrances were acquired from exceedingly odiferous body parts: the back and genital regions of the puppies and the armpits of the people. What’s more, as indicated by Viegas, members were banned from washing or utilizing antiperspirant for 24 hours before inspecting (entirely rotten science).