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How To Train Your Pet To Be House Broken

housebrokenHouse breaking a new puppy can be a rewarding experience. I see it as an opportunity to bond with, get to know, and understand your new member of the family. Dogs are quick learners. As long as you’re consistent and have patience, house breaking your new dog should be a somewhat smooth experience. Just like people, dogs will learn at different paces. Some breeds tend to be more hyper and overactive. This can sometimes slow down the house breaking process. But don’t worry, your dog will get there. If mine did, anyone’s can!

Once dogs are house broken, they very rarely regress. As long as there is consistency, they are house broken for life. Even once dogs are house broken they may still have an accident from time to time, especially if they are experiencing temporary diarrhea or stomach irritation. If symptoms continue for longer than a couple days, I would recommend getting your dog checked out by a veterinarian. It could just be a stomach flu, but it’s always better to be safe. Continue reading

Pre-travel advice’s for camping with a dog

camping With dogCamping can be a great idea that allows the owners to take their dogs and spent some valuable time with them. Pets are just like part of the family. So it makes sense for owners to bring their dog along any trip, including camping.

One needs to get prepared before Taking a dog on a trip. It is a good idea to ensure that one has all the things that are required during the trip. The camping area mostly consists of a wide, beautiful and dog friendly environment. This makes the dogs enjoy and become happy.

- First of all make sure that the pet is properly socialized. They should obey the commands given by their owner.

- Always have the vet’s phone number as well as have a copy of the dog’s veterinary details. This helps in case of emergencies.

- Ensure that dog should have a suitable collar that indicates the ID tag having his name, owner’s name as well as address and phone number.

- Always make sure that the lead, collar and snap are in proper condition so that they don’t break in case of any sudden lunges.

- Micro chipping is a great idea for the dogs. This helps the owner and the dog to get united in case they are separated.

- Always take the dog to the vet before moving on a vacation so as to ensure that pet is ready to move on a trip.

- Have a first aid kit box that contains veterinary doctor’s phone. Have gauze that wraps the wounds. Bandages are required to control bleeding. Oral treatments may include scissors, tweezers, sticking tape, Vaseline, blanket, cotton wool, gloves etc.

- Have the phone numbers of the local vets. This helps to remain alert in case of emergencies.

- Always bring your dogs favorite food to make the pet more active and comfortable during the trip. Need help to pick a dog food? I recommend this article.

During the trip:

- Essentials: make sure that all the required things are packed including food, bowl, water, leads, toys etc. If you are going for a long hiking trip, remember to bring a water bottle for both you and your dog. I recommend Klean Kanteen based on the recommendations from outdooraid.

- stake: always make sure that something sturdy is there to tie the dog.

- Always have the first aid facilities in case of any emergencies.

- Dogs are mostly conscious about their bed in new surroundings. So it is better option to take their beds along with so that they don’t feel uncomfortable.

It’s always important to remember that dogs are quickly stressed when they are moved to new and unfamiliar areas. So, it becomes the responsibility of the owner to make them stress free and enjoy each and every minute of their camping with their owner. The owner needs to understand the temperament of the dog so as to cater for his needs and ensure that it becomes happy during the trip.

Apart from this one should familiarize all the situations or scenarios that he is going to experience in the later days of the trip. Perhaps one can even go on frequent vacations so that the dog becomes familiar with the environment. Always take all the necessary belongings of the dog that may be required during the trip.


Friend I make training dogs.

dogtrainingHaving a dog in the family should be a source of great joy and companionship and not an extra source of frustration as often is the case with most dog owners. Dog training demands long and at times tedious hours of work but I really enjoy it. It takes a lot of repetition and patience when dealing with dogs. As a dog trainer, I first make friends with the dog so that the training can be effective. I have trained as a dog trainer in a good dog training school and I have a great resume. If a dog lacks proper training, it may try to take over the entire house hold as the “pack leader”. This is where problems with destructive behavior can arise and sometimes even aggression. So my role as a dog trainer is very crucial in training dogs on basic obedience or advanced obedience for clients who want their dogs trained for competition. I provide all kinds of dog training.

As a dog trainer, I begin my job by first realizing that I must train the owner as well as the dog. Most dog owners know very little when it comes to understanding the best way to co-exist with their dogs. Therefore, the first friend I make training dogs are the owners. This is very vital in my career since I spend a lot of time consulting with them. This is where my communication skills as a dog trainer come in handy. Sometimes, I have to take the dog away from the owner and board it in a training facility for about 7days. One of my clients, a wanna-be dental assistant (finishing school and preparing CV now), is really great and often calls during the day to check how the training is going. He at times passes by the “training camp” to see how far I have gone with the training. Once during the training, the dog got injured and needed some medical assistance real fast. I called the owner who provided the necessary details needed to attend to his dog. Working with such clients makes my work very easy and I am able to accomplish more with the dogs.

When I feel that the dog is ready to go home, I usually create sometime with the owner and explain to them the training then show them what their dog has learnt. I always remind them to transfer all that training into the home environment. I make phone follow ups weekly to make sure that the dog is properly settling at home.