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How To Train Your Pet To Be House Broken

housebrokenHouse breaking a new puppy can be a rewarding experience. I see it as an opportunity to bond with, get to know, and understand your new member of the family. Dogs are quick learners. As long as you’re consistent and have patience, house breaking your new dog should be a somewhat smooth experience. Just like people, dogs will learn at different paces. Some breeds tend to be more hyper and overactive. This can sometimes slow down the house breaking process. But don’t worry, your dog will get there. If mine did, anyone’s can!

Once dogs are house broken, they very rarely regress. As long as there is consistency, they are house broken for life. Even once dogs are house broken they may still have an accident from time to time, especially if they are experiencing temporary diarrhea or stomach irritation. If symptoms continue for longer than a couple days, I would recommend getting your dog checked out by a veterinarian. It could just be a stomach flu, but it’s always better to be safe. Continue reading

How to house train a puppy

dog trainingAll dogs are not created equally. Some are born to lead while others are born to gladly follow commands from the leader. Consequently, dogs respond to house training differently; some willingly do their exercises giving you an easy time while others will test your temper to its limits. What you need to know is that hard to train dogs are by no means lesser dogs to their counterparts. On the contrary, these dogs usually possess some positive traits that interfere with their training sessions. In fact, these dogs might even possess high level of intelligence that may help them get what they want and when they want it. The following tips will help you train your puppy in the most effective ways.

1. Understand your dog’s behavior
It is good to understand that dogs do not know the right or wrong. Instead, they know what is dangerous and safe. When a puppy comes into your house, he does not know that it is wrong to urinate on your carpet. As far as he is concerned, your carpet is an extension of elsewhere he is used to roam. Your carpet is also a warm and comfortable place to be, compared to the cold and dirty yard outside. To make your dog know that urinating on your carpet is bad, you discipline him when you catch him in the act, not after the behavior already taken place but when the behavior is occurring. Punishing him after the unwanted behavior has taken place will only confuse the puppy, making your house training process harder.

2. Creating a suitable environment
You can easily do this by acquiring a crate or den. Proper housing is important when it comes to teaching your dog the importance of eliminating away from sleeping areas or food. If your dog does not have a designated place to stay or feed, you may find him peeing just anywhere because that is what has always been allowed. If you get him a crate, he may learn at a very early age to eliminate elsewhere. No one would wish to have a puppy that pees everywhere including in the kitchen. Before I forget, I found the best glider that you will love having in your kitchen. To get the best weed glider, www.inmykitchen.org is the place to be. I too visited the site and I found them handy, which is why I have shared this information with you. In case you are a juice lover, you do not have to worry about taking healthy juice, you can easily get the best juicer greens by clicking here.

3. Choose a designated area for your puppy to urinate or pee
This spot can be somewhere in your backyard, somewhere near your tank or any other structure that provides shelter from wind, or a suitable place in your garden. Wherever the place is, have a firm commitment to it before introducing your pet. This will help you avoid inconsistent messages as you moving your pet from one spot to another in the yard looking for the best place.

4. Develop a schedule
Putting your puppy on a feeding schedule during house training process can make your task more successful. If a puppy is allowed to eat whenever he wishes, you may find it hard to house train him. Also, you need to develop a consistent schedule to take him outside as it will be easier for you. Always take him out within 15 to 20 minutes after every meal. This will make him get used to the schedule and he will learn fast.

5. Praise
As soon as your puppy finishes, you need to praise him with excitement and immediately take him inside. Keep on taking him to the same housebreaking spot every time and encourage him with friendly commands like “go potty”, “hurry up”, or any other option. Once he finishes, praise him and give him a treat immediately. With time, he will get used to the routine.

You do not have to struggle with irritable dog’s behavior. Just follow the above tips on how to house train dogs and have a dog that you have always desired to keep in your home.

potty training a dog

How to Potty Train your New Dog

potty training a dogYou have wanted to have a new pet for ages, and now your new dog is finally here. Exciting; isn’t it? This is until you find a stinky pile right in the middle of your carpet. Only then do you realize that you may have overlooked something. As you clean up that mess, you definitely want to make sure it’s your last. You have to train your new dog; fast.
Generally, younger dogs have small bladders and pee all the time. They also poop soon after eating. Potty training a dog is all about consistency. Make sure your dog relieves itself in the same exact place, each time. Use the same route to head to your selected spot. With time, the dog will get there even without your help.
Some breeds take longer than others to get into this routine. If your dog is taking a little more time, don’t run out of patience. Your attitude is also very important in this process. If your dog happens to pee or poop in the house in the initial days, don’t lose your temper or raise your voice. Simply say a firm ‘no’ and carry the dog outside. If you throw a tantrum, the poor creature will simply get frightened and confused. He will be standing there wondering why you’re scolding for something that is natural to him. The most he will learn from this is not to potty in your presence. He will potty all the same, only this time in secret.
To make the process even faster, include crate training. This also helps if you do not want to give your new dog access to the whole house just yet. Crating allows you to keep an eye on the dog. If you see him getting restless, it’s probably time to potty, especially after meals. Take him out to your selected spot. Use the same route, remember? Hang around as he carries out his business, and praise him afterwards. It can be a few pats on the back, or play around the yard a bit. He will be more than eager to do the right thing next time.
Establish a routine so that the dog gets accustomed to your lifestyle and makes your task easier. This routine should include feeding, sleeping, playing and obviously the potty. Even the body will adapt to this routine and you’ll find that he needs to potty at around the same time every day. If you go with him to a restaurant, inform the receptionist or bartender how your dog behaves.

Generally, puppies are easier to train than older dogs. The older dogs may have been exposed to a different routine elsewhere, making it difficult to adapt to the new one. Not to worry though, in this area, even old dogs can learn new tricks. Just be patient.
A potty trained dog makes your stay with your pet so much easier. It allows your home to be healthy so that you’re not exposed to germs. At the end of the day; everybody is happy.

4 Great Ways to Spoil your 4-Legged Best Friend

Woman playing with her 2 dogsSo your dog clearly loves you and is very loyal to you, and you want to spoil him or her back with the same affection, right? After all, your dog is your constant companion, and definitely a loyal best friend who will love you unconditionally without reservation or judgment. Your dog deserves the best treatment and attention from you, and if you want to spoil your animal friend every once in a while, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all, but what to do?

Luxurious Bedding

How about a nice new bed for your dog? Perhaps he or she sleeps on the couch or the floor, or even beside you, and it is time to give them a nice dog bed that they can really call their own. Pet stores and even online retailers offer a wide selection of beds for your canine friend, from the basic beds around $50, to the more luxurious beds at several hundred dollars. Make sure your dog’s bed is comfortable with linens and pillows, and he or she will surely love you even more.

Gourmet Treats

When it comes to food, it is not recommended that dog owners change their pet’s diet abruptly. However, there are special treats you can give them from time to time, aside from their usual diet, if you want to spoil them a bit or celebrate a special occasion or holiday. For instance, if your dog’s usual diet is dry, perhaps a dinner of steak, chicken, or other meats would be very special, and endear you to your companion even more. You can make it even more of a treat by eating at the same time, or going to the park or backyard together and having a picnic.

A Day at the Dog Spa

Pampering your dog can also be a time to get clean. You can take your dog to the local pet shop or spa for a thorough cleaning, shampooing, and the works. Not only will your pet feel cleaner, but any potential issues with fleas, ticks, and other common dog problems will be spotted and taken care of right away – saving you other hassles.

Outdoor Partner

During the summer, many dog owners like to take their animal friends along for vacations and road trips. If you have an open vehicle such as a jeep with a jeep bikini top, here, your dog will absolutely love sticking their head out and enjoying the sunshine and open air as you head to your destination. Vehicles like this are also perfect for camping out, and your dog will enjoy sleeping outside and enjoying the outdoors with you. You can even find older jeep wranglers for sale online here. If you do not have a jeep, or the money to buy one, you can still take your dog along for the ride, and have lots of memorable moments together.

While it’s always nice to pamper and spoil your dog, remember that to them, the most important things you can give are your love and attention. At the end of the day, take some time to play with them, or cuddle while relaxing on the couch, and this will make them feel loved and important. Even your nightly walk around the neighborhood or jog around the park can be very enjoyable for your dog, especially if you were away most of the day at work and you had to leave your canine friend at home. When you spend time with them, they become even fonder of you and you will definitely feel their love.

dog treadmill

Train Your Dog How To Walk The Right Way On A Treadmill

dog treadmillI love working out from the comfort of my home that is why I decided to have a home gym in my basement. It is a convenient way of keeping fit while still enjoying the company of my lovely French dog. He likes to lazy around while I am exercising and after I am done we head back to the house.
I usually feed him with his favorite food after I have had a nice work out on the treadmill and then I rush to the bathroom where I soak myself in a bubble bath. It’s a fun way of relaxing after a hard day’s work. Right? Dinner is usually early so that I can grab a bottle of some of most expensive vodka I once got as a gift from my scotch club.
My French dog is usually seated curled up next to me and we watch some good movies. But last year, my dog got an injury and I had a lot of training to do to get him back in shape. Although he was first afraid of the treadmill, he got so used to it and enjoyed every bit of our exercise regime.
Walking on a treadmill is a great way of exercising for dogs especially during winter when it is extremely cold for them to walk outdoors or during summer when it is too hot and the heat is unbearable. Although you cannot substitute it with a nice long run, walk or hike, it comes in handy when the weather conditions are extreme and my French dog cannot walk out to do some exercise. Here is how to teach your dog how to walk on a tread mill…
• Position your treadmill in such a way that the dog is not walking into a wall
• If your dog is clicker trained use clicker training
• Begin by letting the dog get on the treadmill on its own without running so that it can get used to the machine. This is very important so that the dog can get interested to the treadmill.
• When it has developed some interest, let it stand or sit near the treadmill and turn the machine on. This lets your dog get used to the sound of the machine and it will make it easier in training the dog.
• Place your dog on the treadmill and start it at a very slow speed. Use a treat to lure your dog and praise them when they do well.
• It is normal for your dog to be frightened at first but always remain calm and encourage them.
• Continue repeating these steps until your dog is comfortable walking on the treadmill alone.
• You may stand next to your dog as they walk on the treadmill so that they can be more confident .
Your dog will soon learn to walk on the treadmill like a pro. It is important to always supervise your dog to ensure that they are always at the center of the treadmill for maximum safety. Also avoid any food an hour before the exercise.

Pre-travel advice’s for camping with a dog

camping With dogCamping can be a great idea that allows the owners to take their dogs and spent some valuable time with them. Pets are just like part of the family. So it makes sense for owners to bring their dog along any trip, including camping.

One needs to get prepared before Taking a dog on a trip. It is a good idea to ensure that one has all the things that are required during the trip. The camping area mostly consists of a wide, beautiful and dog friendly environment. This makes the dogs enjoy and become happy.

- First of all make sure that the pet is properly socialized. They should obey the commands given by their owner.

- Always have the vet’s phone number as well as have a copy of the dog’s veterinary details. This helps in case of emergencies.

- Ensure that dog should have a suitable collar that indicates the ID tag having his name, owner’s name as well as address and phone number.

- Always make sure that the lead, collar and snap are in proper condition so that they don’t break in case of any sudden lunges.

- Micro chipping is a great idea for the dogs. This helps the owner and the dog to get united in case they are separated.

- Always take the dog to the vet before moving on a vacation so as to ensure that pet is ready to move on a trip.

- Have a first aid kit box that contains veterinary doctor’s phone. Have gauze that wraps the wounds. Bandages are required to control bleeding. Oral treatments may include scissors, tweezers, sticking tape, Vaseline, blanket, cotton wool, gloves etc.

- Have the phone numbers of the local vets. This helps to remain alert in case of emergencies.

- Always bring your dogs favorite food to make the pet more active and comfortable during the trip. Need help to pick a dog food? I recommend this article.

During the trip:

- Essentials: make sure that all the required things are packed including food, bowl, water, leads, toys etc. If you are going for a long hiking trip, remember to bring a water bottle for both you and your dog. I recommend Klean Kanteen based on the recommendations from outdooraid.

- stake: always make sure that something sturdy is there to tie the dog.

- Always have the first aid facilities in case of any emergencies.

- Dogs are mostly conscious about their bed in new surroundings. So it is better option to take their beds along with so that they don’t feel uncomfortable.

It’s always important to remember that dogs are quickly stressed when they are moved to new and unfamiliar areas. So, it becomes the responsibility of the owner to make them stress free and enjoy each and every minute of their camping with their owner. The owner needs to understand the temperament of the dog so as to cater for his needs and ensure that it becomes happy during the trip.

Apart from this one should familiarize all the situations or scenarios that he is going to experience in the later days of the trip. Perhaps one can even go on frequent vacations so that the dog becomes familiar with the environment. Always take all the necessary belongings of the dog that may be required during the trip.


Friend I make training dogs.

dogtrainingHaving a dog in the family should be a source of great joy and companionship and not an extra source of frustration as often is the case with most dog owners. Dog training demands long and at times tedious hours of work but I really enjoy it. It takes a lot of repetition and patience when dealing with dogs. As a dog trainer, I first make friends with the dog so that the training can be effective. I have trained as a dog trainer in a good dog training school and I have a great resume. If a dog lacks proper training, it may try to take over the entire house hold as the “pack leader”. This is where problems with destructive behavior can arise and sometimes even aggression. So my role as a dog trainer is very crucial in training dogs on basic obedience or advanced obedience for clients who want their dogs trained for competition. I provide all kinds of dog training.

As a dog trainer, I begin my job by first realizing that I must train the owner as well as the dog. Most dog owners know very little when it comes to understanding the best way to co-exist with their dogs. Therefore, the first friend I make training dogs are the owners. This is very vital in my career since I spend a lot of time consulting with them. This is where my communication skills as a dog trainer come in handy. Sometimes, I have to take the dog away from the owner and board it in a training facility for about 7days. One of my clients, a wanna-be dental assistant (finishing school and preparing CV now), is really great and often calls during the day to check how the training is going. He at times passes by the “training camp” to see how far I have gone with the training. Once during the training, the dog got injured and needed some medical assistance real fast. I called the owner who provided the necessary details needed to attend to his dog. Working with such clients makes my work very easy and I am able to accomplish more with the dogs.

When I feel that the dog is ready to go home, I usually create sometime with the owner and explain to them the training then show them what their dog has learnt. I always remind them to transfer all that training into the home environment. I make phone follow ups weekly to make sure that the dog is properly settling at home.